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Welcome to Southern Illinois Pain Management

Southern Illinois Pain Management is the premier provider of chronic pain management services in the Tristate region. Our extensive range of pain services, including back, neck, shoulders and more, allows us to provide comprehensive care for our patients and address the diverse needs of both the patients we serve and the medical and business communities in which we live.

75 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Eight out of ten people will have a problem with back pain each year which is estimated at a cost of 80 million dollars.

Research has shown a greater improvement in overall functioning when the psychological component of pain is addressed.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Southern Illinois Pain Management to assist pain patients in obtaining ultimate quality of life by delivering comprehensive and efficient health care services.

We desire a reputation in the community as an effective, caring, and friendly health care facility.

We fulfill this mission through establishing and maintaining a well-trained, highly motivated team of professionals.

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